Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Easter Egg Hunt

We made it to an Easter egg hunt today, with two extremely excited and tired boys. A quick overnight trip to Milwaukee that consisted of a lot of swimming and playing with cousins wore these boys out plus resulted in colds for both of them. But, we most definitely had to take advantage of this Easter festivity!
The hunt was divided up by age group, so I helped Owen and Pat helped Jack. It started and was over in a flash as in the bell went off at 3:00 pm and by 3:05 pm, all the eggs were gone. Well, not in Owen's group (age 0-3), these little kiddos were just happy to get one egg and sit on the ground to eat what was in it. Too cute!

Here is my happy little man finding his goodies and as soon as he spotted the Easter Bunny....

he became terrified. 
He got as close to me as he possibly could, went into the fetal position and just sobbed.  Needless to say, we most definitely did not have a visit with big, white bunny. Maybe next year?


Carolyn said...

Nikki, you were very afraid of the Easter Bunny too! Miss you already. :(

Nicole said...

HaHa..Carolyn, I totally understood his fear as I completely remember being terrified of the Easter Bunny. Miss you too!