Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Seven.

1. We spend Easter with Pat's family, which meant a quick weekend trip to Green Bay. The boys were in heaven playing with their three older cousins who treat them like little princes. This one of my favorite pictures of the weekend.
The boys all dressed up in their Easter Sunday best, Jack with his most favorite Easter Bunny present (that had exploded from overuse, but was quickly fixed up with duct tape), Owen with his cheese face, Lauren smiling and (and the only one) looking right at me and all three of them snuggling with Great-Grandma.

2. And a few more pictures from Easter...

3. Now that Easter is over, we are officially on a sugar detox around here. Jack has come up with clever way of asking though by saying,"Mommy, I sure wish I could have this Peep/Nerds/chocolate egg, but I know you won't let me" while looking at me with puppy dog eyes. My reply is pretty consistent, " You're right Jackers, Mommy won't let you...nice try though buddy."

4. I made Summer Vegetable Bake for dinner tonight with a few modifications. I added yellow squash and red peppers for color and yumminess. I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta because that is what I had in my fridge. And for the pasta, I used Campannelle noodles. It was light and delicious! All the boys loved it and Owen even asked for seconds.

5. Umbrellas are simply fascinating to small children, especially my small children. They carried them around all day and used them to watch an afternoon episode of Wild Kratts.

6. I had been unable to find the video recorder charger since we moved into our house. Miraculously, I found it due to my nesting bug..thank goodness. Today, the boys and I watched a bunch of old videos from when they were babies. The three of us were smiling and snuggling on the couch, it was precious.

7. That is all I have for now. I better get to bed because at 37 weeks pregnant with a terrible cold, sleep is becoming sporadic at best.

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