Thursday, August 4, 2011


 1. I went to the airport today to pick up my cutie pie cousin that is visiting us for the weekend, only to realize her flight is tomorrow. Pshhhhhhhh!

2. I was in charge of four kiddos today, my two boys and my nephew and niece. Well, luckily my mom came over this morning with a Venti Starbucks and spent the day helping me. I was exhausted by 11:00 am, no wonder I went to the airport on the wrong day. Jeesh! We had a great day as they all have been playing pretty good together these days. These four munchkins are such good ages. Watching them today made me reminisce, hence the then and now.

3. I whipped up this version of sopapilla cheesecake tonight. Wow, was it delicious!! I'm not sure what's my favorite part, the cheesecake center or the crispy, cinnamon sugar top layer. It's so good that you may just find yourself snitching small pieces all night long. I may have done this?

4. My boy...
has been discovering and using his sense of smell a lot lately. He's been saying, "Mommy, what smells so good", "Mommy, what is that smell, it smells so gross", "Ewe, something really smells bad". It's actually very amusing (and cute) for me to listen to except maybe when he makes these comments while I'm making dinner. I have had visions of my brothers and I saying the same things to my mom. Ugh, sorry Mom!

5. Remember when these babies were born in our backyard earlier this summer? Well, they come back and visit us with their Momma every now and then.

6. Also, remember when we were catching these extra-large frogs in our old Michigan neighborhood last summer. We have started to catch frogs and toads in our new neighborhood as well.

Can you see it?

Yep, that's how small big they are around these parts.

7. I'm married to a man who loves movies. He would choose to watch a movie (or Sports Center) over anything else even if he has seen that movie once, twice or fifty times. One of his favorites just happens to be Forrest Gump. He actually rattles off lines to this movie frequently in his best Forrest Gump impersonation. I just came across this print on Etsy, I am thinking it might be perfect on his nightstand. Hmm?

8. O-bubs is doing really well! He has bounced back as if nothing even happened to him. Jack, on the other hand, seems to be pretty shaken up about the whole incident. He has been quietly talking to me about it and last night as I was laying with him for bedtime, he said, "Momma, I am so sorry about hitting Owen in the head with that rock...I am just really, really sorry". I know you are Buddy!

9. I had the day to myself on Wednesday, which gave me the opportunity to get some projects started and a few other projects completed. That being said, I apologize to any of you that may have seen me driving around in my car sans children rocking out to this song. I'm clearly loving it right now :)

10. Two Words: Jersey Shore

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