Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not That Jersey Shore.

I recently went to visit one of my bestie girlfriends, Erin. She happens to live in Philadelphia, which is just a short drive to the New Jersey Shore. Now believe me, the Jersey Shore is not all GTL, Snookie Poofs and The Situation, it is so much more than that! It is actually a very beautiful place filled with amazing beach homes, warm ocean water, sandy shorelines and fun restaurants and shops (and yes, a whole bunch of t-shirt shops, too!) 

Over the past three years, going here for the day has become a little tradition for us, but more importantly has given us one whole day for some major girl-time and a chance to catch-up on our crazy-busy lives. Also, on a side note, the JS just happens to be a special place to Pat and I as we got engaged there eight years ago in Sea Isle City and when we lived in Pennsylvania BC (before children) we would visit it often.  Oh the sweet memories!

Here are some photos from our day at Ocean City, we had a grand time. You will see not one of our actual faces as we were sweaty, sandy and not ready for any type of picture posing.

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