Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Cabin Weekend.

A cabin weekend all in pictures due to the fact that it has taken me the past two days to simply upload these photos to Blogger and now I'm pooped with a side a lazy. I say, "Boo" to technical difficulties. Anyway, on our drive up to my in-law's cabin the weather forecast was looking grim, but it just so ended up be an absolute beautiful weekend spent mostly in and around the water. Perfection!

I know you want to snuggle this cutie-smooch face!
I did quite a bit over the weekend...I miss him already.

Fishing with my boys was such a blast...I can't wait to go again!

"I no touch it Ammy Tami (Auntie Tami), I scauued" ~ Owen

Photo taken by my niece, Ellie.

Cousins: Owen (2.5), Jack (4.5), Lauren (6), Ellie (9) and Annie (11)

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Anne Wallisch said...

Such heavenly memories with family!
These will last a lifetime!