Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Five.

Dear Hurricane Irene,

Phew, you just missed us! I thank you so much for this, but please don't be too cruel to the others in your  path. Slow down and move out into the ocean.



2. I now have before me, the one, the only, "World's Longest Straw" built by thee Jackers.

We needed to get creative with the boys in order to make it through our fifth dinner (in a row) out to eat.
It worked.

Talking Carl helps a lot too (alot!)

3. Reason number two, why we need to buy ourselves a deep fryer....

Hush Puppies 
Those little round yummies are deep fried cornbread, which were exceptionally tasty and even more so with butter lathered on top! Oh and the drink is an Arnie Palmer cause I'm getting old!

Reason number one can be found here. 

Pat P., can you guess where we are? We love it here!

4. Owen looks at Jack with this affection quite often, this quote is brilliant and so fitting for my little men.

5. Jack has loved the playing on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Owen tolerated both as I think the ocean was too salty and the beach was too sandy for his liking. You wouldn't be able to tell from these photos. He loved swimming in the pool though and he cried for it everyday. Swimming in the pool gives him the independence he yearns for.

However, I am certain that the highlight (per the boys) of our week long vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC will be that the boys fed turtles a dinner of bread each night before bed.


Anonymous said...

I love my little "adventurers"!
What a great vacation for them.

pcp said...

Haha! Great! So glad Irene did not spoil your trip. Where did you stay? We are going again in October, our place is in Shipmaster.