Wednesday, May 25, 2011

School's out and we found something extremely cute!

Jack's first year of preschool has come to an end.

I may be slightly whimpering as I type this. But, he had a fantastic first year, attending two different preschools (due to our move). Jack truly flourished in school as he truly gets excited about learning. Come September, my baby will moving to the second phase of preschool before he heads off to Kindergarten in one year. And that's all I have to say about that right now or this whimpering will turn into full-blown crying.

Age 3.5 years old
He was so excited about his first day at the nature preschool...can you tell?!? It is just about 9 months later and those shoes no longer fit him. Ugh...typing that makes my throat swell with emotion. This boy was excited to go to school to play (and play and play and play) and make new friends. This boy was not even sure what he would be learning or how much he was going to love learning.

Age: almost 4.5 years old
Jack did not understand this was his last day at preschool for the summer, but he did understand that there was going to be a Root Beer Float Social today that Owen and I were able to attend. Side Note: He was very disgruntled that I "made his hair crunchy" aka styled his hair. However, when I look at this picture I see a boy who has learned so much over this past year. He has learned to write his name, he knows all of his letters and most numbers (well, 1-20 anyway), he's learned about animals, dinosaurs, insects, seasons, earth, the ocean, weather, and his personal favorite space. He is starting to show interest to learning to read as he is constantly asking how various words are spelled. He enjoys projects that vary from cutting paper (could do this for a good 1 hour) to working out in the yard with his Daddy. He also loves hidden picture books, he lays in bed at night "working" on them until he gets sleepy. After a great year of learning, I think Jack is ready for a fun summer and I am ready for a fun summer with him.

Now are you ready to see what we found?
It's seriously cute.....

We found this fawn in our backyard on Monday night. Adorable, right?!
Pat and the boys went out to play and the Momma deer jumped up and ran off. As Pat walked closer, he found this fawn laying down in the brush. He is so cute, I just wanted to snuggle him and feed him and snuggle him some more. However, I wanted his Momma to come back and everything I have heard and read told me to leave him alone as the Momma is watching nearby. So, we did just that after taking some pictures (of course!). I was worried all night as to what was happening to the little cutie out their in the wild (aka our backyard). Well, the next morning as I was getting ready and staring out the window every two seconds, two little fawn babies (twins!) perked up and started walking around the yard. After a busy morning of school and music class, we checked on them when we got home and they were gone. I am telling myself that their Momma came back for them and took them to a safer location in the forest! Happy Ending!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Ahhhhh, life in the world of a mother!
#1- Momma, guiding her child through infancy, and sending this child off to pre-school to learn the ways of the world!
#2 - Momma, guiding her baby(s) through the night, sending them off to learn the ways of the forest!
My heart is full as a MOM! Love you Mommy Nicole!