Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Accident.

Is this Owen's new hair-do?
No, nope, that's not actually a new do nor is that red hair dye or red spray paint in his hair. Unfortunately, that is blood, a whole lotta blood. 

Le Sigh.

Here's the story, we were playing at the small (man-made) waterfall in our neighborhood this afternoon as we frequently do. The boys were throwing rocks from one waterfall to the other trying to make the biggest splash, a sort of small brotherly competition. They both were being very careful, but on the one last throw, Jack threw his rock underhand and sideways. This rock then hit Owen right in the head, knocking him down. It was a complete accident. There was instant gushing of blood down Owen's face (and I'm not exaggerating), so much that I took his shirt off to attempt to stop the bleeding. It was all very sudden and extremely scary. I tried to remain call, but I needed help as both boys were hysterically crying. I walked to my neighbor's house to ask for help of which then I got all emotional because my brain goes straight to the worse case scenario. I so need to work on this.

Anywho, wouldn't you know it, as I was wiping my tears and comforting Jack (he was so upset and felt just awful), O-bubs was asking to play with our neighbors. Thank goodness for them though...I am so lucky to have good neighbors! She helped me think clearly in this time of stress and even came with me to Urgent Care. Two mommies were needed as both boys needed major loves, comforts and talks about how "accidents happen".

We made it through, all of us! Most importantly, Owen walked away with a huge smile on his face despite the four staples in his head. With two rambunctious boys though, I foresee this being just the beginning.

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