Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I made Butternut Squash Risotto tonight for dinner. I used the recipe just as it was minus the sage just because I didn't have any! We had it as the main entree along with roasted asparagus. It was super yummy! Pat had three helpings, I had two, Owen ate all of his one helping and Jack tried every which way he could think of to get out of eating his. He even said, "Mommy, I think I need a time-out right now, so I need to leave the table and sit in the corner." Well played Jackers, but you still need to eat!

2. When I was in Kindergarten, I vividly remember dressing up as witch for Halloween. We wore our costumes to school and we had a Halloween parade through the halls of my school. I remember it being very neat. Screech...halt...what?!? The times, they are a changen' Jack's preschool handbook clearly stated that, We Do Not Dress In Costume For Halloween because we celebrate what each season has to offer and not specific holidays to respect the beliefs of families. I get it, I do....but it would have been more fun if Jack could have dressed up!

However, we were still able to bring treats, which I was all about! So, my original plan was for Jack and I to make these:

Totally cute, right?!

Well, then I had a dilemma...make those cupcakes or take a shower. Now, I had not showered for three days or maybe was it four days? So gross, I know, which then led me to choose the shower and go with plan B, which were these:
Goodies attached with Jack's thumbprint jack-o-lanterns tags.
Quick, easy and Jack mastered the art of the hole-punch.

Dear Solicitors,
I love that you come to my house and ring my doorbell at the most convenient times of the day, when my baby is sound asleep for his nap or when we are right in the middle of our family dinner. I love that many of you, after ringing my doorbell resulting in my three dogs barking like crazy, ask, "Oh sorry, do you have a baby napping?" or "Oh sorry, are you eating dinner right now?". Seriously?!

I don't want to hear about your religion and how it will save me from the devil, I don't want to buy your Kirby vacuum, I don't want you to practice public speaking and eye contact with me, I don't want a reduced-price magazine subscription, I don't want your Schwann's Food (the ice cream is tempting though), and I don't want my lawn sprayed with your chemicals.

Enough! Read the rock!

Thank you for your time.

Disclaimer: This is not for those selling GS cookies, tubs of cookie dough and popcorn, and maybe pizzas.

4. I heart farm sinks!

5.  The boys and I gathered up a bunch of acorns from my backyard today. Maybe I will attempt to make an acorn wreath? I found a super easy, but probably will burn my fingers tutorial right here!

6. I hope this movie is good...real good because I'm excited to see it!
Speaking of movies, this weekend I watched two!
1. Sex and The City 2: Although it was fun to see with a friend, it was basically garbage! What were they thinking making that? 1/2 star
2. The Town: Awesome, thrilling & my goodness has Ben Affleck got himself one gizzled body. 4 stars

7. We went for a walk in the woods yesterday or as Jack kept saying, "we're going on a bear hunt and I will fight him off because I am Spiderman". Yes, we are still talking about/wearing Spiderman...still. Anyway, the adventure into the woods was super fun as my little explorers found lots of new and exciting things to talk about/play with/take home. We will most definitely be doing this again.


8. On Halloween night, Pat begged me to watch the premiere of The Walking Dead. Begged me. He did not do this because he wanted to spend time with me or because he thought I might enjoy the show too, but because he was scarred.

I should have expected this!
But, I did watch the premiere with him and I actually liked it! It's disturbing and freaky and down-right scary at times....and it's got us hooked. For now anyway.

9. Here the boys were watching Toy Story 3 for the first time since it just came out on DVD (gotta love that Redbox!). 
In all honesty, Owen truly only sat like this for the amount of time it took for me to snap this photo. 

10. Silhouettes anyone?

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Anne Wallisch said...

I love the pics with your entries today..............Owen is growing up right before our eyes! Where is our little baby?
Can't wait to see you next week.