Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Random.

1. Jackers and I made SLIME this afternoon. It was gooey, slimy and fun for him to play with for a wee bit. I think I may have added too much water because it never solidified as much as I thought it would (think slimy, clear play dough). I will definitely need to try making this again because it has potential! 

2. After the slime fun wore off, Jack started his version of a Letter to Santa. Scissors, glue and Santa...all very exciting for an almost four-year old.

3. While he did these projects, I made a few things!
Chicken Tortilla Soup-This is probably one of the best soups I have made in a long time! It has got lots of lime (which I love!) and you can't go wrong with shredded cheese and warm tortilla chips crunched on top! I whipped up some cheesy-corn bread muffins to go with it...yummm! Do make!
The Best Homemade Granola Ever-We are having another round of house guests (I love me some visitors), so I thought this would be good to have on hand for in the morning!
Puppy Chow (just cause I was having a major craving!)

4. Whenever Jack tells me something and he really wants to make sure I am listening to him, he takes my chin in the palm of his hand and looks me right in the eyes. It's just too sweet, this Momma can't stand it! So I thought I would document it here...

and then give him a smooch!
 I never, ever, ever want this sweetness to end!

5. My above chosen hairstyle, I am pretty sure will be my daily hairstyle for the next 52 days. Oh Salon Ultimissimo, I cannot get to you soon enough! Look at those gross.

6. My aunt and cousin are here for the weekend. I think we might check out Saugatuck, Holland, or trusty old South Haven. Perfect time especially when it feels like late spring around here. The boys played outside this afternoon with short sleeves and bare feet. I am loving it!

This is my cousin Jenny with her husband popping up behind us.
Were you thinking sisters? Lots of people do!

7.  And just because I need some of my O-Man in this post.
Pretend or Real...he is always talking to his PaPa.

8. My mom, brother and sister-in-law will be here in "5 more sleeps" (this is how we explain it to the Jackers). Yeah!


Anne Wallisch said...

OMG...........the Santa letter is a fantastic idea - cutting, pasting, conversation, dreams........! Love it!
You are such a "sweet Mommy"

Michelle said...

Get out! I have been living on Chicken tortilla soup lately (I have a slightly different recipe)and I made your granola yesterday too! I will not make puppy chow though. . . I have no will power with that stuff! Hope you have fun with all your guests!!!

Keefe said...


Are those brand name toys I see Jack cutting and pasting? WTF?!?!?

Don't get the boy's hopes and I both know that you are a clone of Mom and will be getting him G.I. Jeff and Transmorphing-bots!!


Keefe said...

oh..and Adolescent Mutant Karate Amphibians!!

Lastly, The Walking Dead = best new show this year!! LOVE IT!!

Did you start watching The Event yet? It is so incredible!!

Nicole said...

That is crazy Michelle! I would love to know your recipe also. I loved this soup so much I can see myself eating it quite often this winter. And I don't know what I was thinking with the puppy chow as I am basically the only one eating it.


Keefe..WHAT?! You know I am the best gift giver in our family! No way will I be getting the generic version of anything ever. I will always remember the dreaded year you got the knock-off Starter jacket...I just couldn't put my boys through that! HaHaHa!! Oh and Pat and I had a good laugh at your generic names!!

Anne Wallisch said...

Alright, my family laughing on this blog at my expense.........there is a limit you know! I think there really is a toy called "aberational samari GI turtle! Only sold at Wal-Mart though!