Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here is a recommendation for a great Christmas present for the preschool boy in your life. 
Trio Blocks are hands-down the best toy we have bought Jack (and Owen?) in a long-long time.
They come with a pamphlet full of "how-to build" instructions (for example, the airplane modeled below), perfect for inspiring creativity and imagination. The blocks are super easy and fun to use as they just "click" together. In the past few days that we have owned them, the boys have already made so many different creations...airplanes, robots, letters, boats, houses, etc. The possibilities are endless!

I had been wanting to buy Jack some sort of big boy 'blocks', such as Legos, but I was apprehensive as he is still a bit young. I randomly saw The Trios on sale at Target and made a quick/not much thought purchase. I like to check the reviews and ratings on anything and everything I can before I buy just to see what the people have to say. I'm so glad I bought them on this whim! My review is that this a great set of blocks for a preschooler and maybe a younger sibling toddler who likes to follow his big-brother around and do as he does! They challenge him to use his imagination to create and then use his imagination to play! Ahh...so refreshing!

Oh and the Spiderman costume with the Superman cap...not much else I can say about that other then, "it's still going strong".

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