Thursday, November 11, 2010


This is exactly why we watch it and LOVE it!


Michelle said...

Agreed! This week was especially good!

Anne Wallisch said...

Oh pooh! I missed it!
Give me the scoop!

Keefe said...

not gonna lie...that scene was awful and if I was at that school, I would literally punch that main kid singing right in the mouth.

God Nik, you love so many amazing shows, what attracts you to that garbage? If that scene is the epitome of what Glee is all about...just...just...just...awful, I don't know what else to say.

Imagine if NR HS was like that!!

Nicole said...

Seriously Keefe? Seriously? That was awesome! Okay so sometimes the story line can get a little wonky, but I love when they take a current song and give it there spin! Or when they take any song and give it there spin for that matter. And if you had seen the entire episode you would have understood the scene much more....much more. That kid is charming...definitely not punch worthy!

It's okay if you don't like don't really care for stuff like that (i.e theatre, musicals, etc.). When we love it! It truly is Pat's secret dream to be able to sing and star in Rent. I think he has listened to Glee's 'Teenage Dream" 1000 times already! HaHa..makes me laugh, but I love that about him!

Glee balances out my Zombies! Word.