Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010: A Checklist.


MiMi and PaPa here to help celebrate.....check.

Carve pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns.....check.

Have PaPa help get out the "yucky guts" from the pumpkins.....check.

Take a picture of my lil' pumpkin carvers with their PaPa....check.

Display our cute jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween night....check.

Roast pumpkin seeds for a yummy snack.....check.
(Owen loved these...just loved them, more so than anyone else!)

Make a 'take your own' candy bowl....check.
(This was my first time doing something like this because we were all going out trick or treating this year and it worked out perfect!)

 Ask Jack one thousand times what he wants to dress up as for Halloween.....check.

Have Jack tell me he wants to be "I-Ron Man" for Halloween one thousand times....check.

Tell Jack one thousand times we do not have that costume nor will Mommy be buying that one due to the three superhero costumes he already has.....check.

Jack made a split second decision to be Captain America complete with rubber rain boots and sword.
Thank goodness....check.

Dress-up Owen in his "moo-cow" costume complete with a nose and freckles (do cows have freckles?)....check.

Attempt to get a picture of them together (*sigh*)....check.

But get one with their grandma....check.

Take the boys around our neighborhood on a beautiful fall night...check.

Jack ran the entire time, collapsing into the stroller when we reached our block. Such a trooper.

Owen insisted on walking and having a sucker in his mouth the whole time. He threw a fit if he was not doing either of those. As he went up to each house with the sucker in his mouth, he would hand that goopy sucker to the person and grab a new one out of their bowl.

Take a quick picture with my boys before their post-candy meltdown.....check.
Owen had a post-eight suckers meltdown....it was ugly (thank goodness he's my cutie-patootie).
Jack snuggled with his MiMi and watched How to train a Dragon.

Halloween was so much fun this year. I am so glad my in-laws were here to spend time with us and see the boys relishing in all of it. The boys are at a great age and they're really understanding all this stuff now. Interestingly enough however, neither of them have asked for their candy (not once!) since.
Because of this, I need to know:
How many small-sized candy bars make up a regular sized candy bar?
Knowing this may help to keep me away from their candy buckets.
But it probably won't....sheesh!


Anne Wallisch said...

How lucky to have the MiMi and Papa celebrating with you all. Carving pumpkins is so much fun...........I can't wait to see you all.

Anne Wallisch said...

BTW -- I love the sucker pumpkin idea......Great!

Anne Wallisch said...

AND..........I adore the pic of Jack with his arm around Grandpa Denny. He has an absolute look of pride and love on that little face of his!