Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apples and Pumpkins and Boys...oh my!

This past Sunday we headed out to Gull Meadow Farms for some fall fun! We went to this farm on the exact same weekend last year when Jack was a rambunctious 2.5 year-old and Owen was a 9 month-old being carried around in the Baby Bjorn. Oh how in one year so much can change! This year we were able to let both boys just go and enjoy themselves!
It was wonderful and a pure joy to watch!

Warning: picture overload.

Getting ready for Pumpkin Lane....

Jack is asking Owen, "are you so excited Owen?" 
After this, they both bolted, Jack to the zip line and Owen straight to the apples.

And then to the tractor choo-choo!
Owen had to watch on the sidelines last year, but not this year.
He seriously could have done this over and over and over again!

Jack so is a child of a Momma who takes his picture constantly.
Look at that wave...right on cue.

Me: Owen what was your favorite part of the apple farm?
Owen: CaCa-CaCa..Choo-Choo....CaCa-CaCa..Choo-Choo.

Gosh..O-Man's hair is so blond you can hardly see it in the sunlight.
Funny story-The other night in the bathtub, Jack was pouring water on Owen's head. He was really staring at his hair, when he asked, "Momma, when I pour water on Owen's hair it disappears...why does is disappear?...where does it go?"

The zip line...of which Jack could seriously have done over and over and over again!

Jack: Can I do the zip line 2 more times?
Us: Jack you can do the zip line like 10 more times! Actually, you can do it as much as you want. 100 times!
Jack: Yessssss!

Me: Jack what was your favorite part of the apple farm?
Jack: Momma, my favorite was when those big kids who were 5..they were 5 years old..lots bigger than me..starting jumping really high and then that made me jump high. Really high!

The fun these boys had on the jumping pillow could seriously make me consider getting a trampoline in the future (when they are much older, of course). They giggle and have belly-laughs the entire time they are jumping and running on this thing. Owen could barely stand up, let alone actually jump, but he didn't care..he loved it!

Trampolines...what a perfect way to tire out these boys, who at times could be compared to the Energizer bunny.

Rubber duckie race...what a creative idea.

Oh my babies...growing and growing!
Slow down please...thank you.

Seeing this has moved "Make The Boys a Growth Chart" to the top of my list of to-do's!

Last year...no way would he even look at me.
This year...he is posing and smiling.

Wagon ride around the orchard.

These pics make me happy because I have two happy, healthy boys, but a bit sad because I can't believe how big they are...where did this last year go?
 The past couple of days have been a bit challenging for my older Bub. Lots of warnings which led to time-outs which led to "in your room time-outs" which led to taking away Spiderman (yep, I did just type that). When these days happen it is extremely frustrating, makes me second guess my mothering and makes me ask, "What could I have done better/different?" With him all tucked into bed and sound asleep, it gives me a chance to reflect and breath. There will be bumps along the way, right? It all goes by so fast...so incredibly fast. I need to be more present and in the moment (Thank you Eckart Tolle!) with my boys. They need that from me and I need that from me. And I truly believe that during these "challenging" moments/days this outlook will help me through. 
That and double-stuffed oreos and maybe a facial....definitely a facial.

Family picture with self-timer...

This bub did not want to leave...not.one.bit!

But this made it all better. 
Fresh, hot off the press, homemade donuts...yum!

And this Bub was actually saying the words, "I am tired".
Job well done to us...job well done!

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Anne Wallisch said...

What a "fabulous day" the only thing better would been if GiGi would have been along to enjoy this wonderful moment!
Kisses annd hugs to you all!