Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jack's New Love

Involves this.......

Happy it does make his Dad...oh so very happy!
Watching this father-son interaction sure does make his Momma smile from ear-to-ear!

Jackers now asks to play golf quite frequently.
He could hit balls until the sun set making it simply too dark to find them.

A Golf Swing: By Jack


 A close-up of of Jack's golf (concentration) face.
I love it! And I think his MiMi & PaPa will love it too!

I know Jackers is still little, but I truly hope this becomes a life-long passion for him as it has been for his dad. Oh how great that would be for them to enjoy it together and with O-Man, of course. 
And maybe me?!

I did a little Google search and found the following:

Lessons Your Child Can Learn from Playing Golf

1. Humility and Respect

2. Punctuality

3. Confession

4. Safety

5. Quiet

6. Visioning

7. Problem Solving

8. Focus

9. Practice, Persistence, and Listening

10. Graciousness

I Like That!!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Amen to that!
Enjoy that little guy, he has such a wonderful spirit!