Monday, September 6, 2010

48 hours.....

.....minus the 20 minutes it took me to wash and dry it real quickly today (because it was already starting to stank). This is how long Jack has been wearing this Spiderman costume. Two.Whole.Days.Straight. He loves it. He's a little very obsessed with it, but it makes him so freak'n happy. He will only take it off to bath and put his p.j.'s on and then it goes right back on to sleep. While wearing Spiderman, he also wears a small perma-grin and so do his parents. I'm not sure how this happened? We went to Costco for some food shopping and we literally walked out with Spiderman. He truly was putting it on as we were in the check out line! And Spiderman has been with us every since......

Showing off his Spidey moves.

Scaling up the walls.

Posing very "senior-esque".

Watching his morning cartoons.
This morning it just happened to be Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure.
I'm not sure if this is Spidey's typical cup of tea?
But, we like to mix it up around here every now and then.
Cars, Tarzan and then Tinker Bell.You know, to inject some girlie in there (for my sake)!
Jack likes it....shhhhhh.

 Playing with his brother, Sir Knight Owen.

Going for a walk with his family and dogs.

 Dancing and asking his Momma to take his picture.

And then completely crashing at the end of the day into a deep Spidey sleep.

 I am not sure how long this will last, but it's truly priceless and quite hilarious watching it unfold.

Sweet dreams Spidey my Jack, for tomorrow you are officially a preschooler.


Anne Wallisch said...

OMG...........I can't stop laughing! I love the typical
"choke hold" on poor little Owen!
What a little imagination in this little boy! It is truly beautiful.

Michelle said...

Sooo cute!!! Thinking of you guys today--is Spidey going to school?