Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So, I was going to...

write a ToT post yesterday.
I had ten ideas already saved as a reminder to myself of what to write/share.
But, then we got some exciting news that Ty and Frankie were coming to visit.
And we needed to eat them up with loves and attention, so the ToT needs to wait.

In the meantime, Jack anxiously awaited Ty's arrival by playing with this $3 rocket blaster (from Gordman's ) for 1 straight hour. Great fun it was shooting that rocket from one end of the house to other. It's already broken.

Well, then the munchkins finally came (1 hour is like 5 hours for my Jackers) and we

and posed for pictures for Auntie Nikki

and played this game (name? I have no idea), which was a smash hit for these 4 year-olds

and read books (old-school style) together.

Good thing I had prepped these Easy Chicken Enchiladas during nap/rest time.
Not only were these super easy to make, but they were absolutely delicious.
They were eaten with rave reviews from all the adults at the table.
They were a bit spicy for the kiddos, but I think this was because I used a can of Rotel instead of the recommended can of diced tomatoes. Either way, I am sure they will still be yumm-o! 

After running around GiGi's for 2 straight hours, the babes were ti-errrd, so off to sleep.

Today, Jack had an impromptu Beach Day at preschool.
This is all we had, a swimsuit, t-shirt, towel cover-up and rain boots.
He did not think his outfit was complete due to the lack of sandals as he begged me to by him a pair this morning at 8:00 am. Not sure where this came from as Jack has never worn a pair of sandals, but we just didn't have the time or the resources (only store around is Wally-Mart..uhh, nope) to buy them.

Oh well, I think he looked darn cute in beach/rainy day get-up.

Jack enjoyed a little fun in the sun and then we all headed to the Minnesota Zoo.

Wonky picture....due to four impatient, super tired kids waiting for the dolphin show. 
Those 15 minutes were like 15 hours for this Momma, but seeing these expressions during the show made it well (well!) worth it.

Now, I am off to sleep. So.tired.

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