Sunday, March 20, 2011

O's Favorite Things.

No not Oprah...Owen!

Favorite Book: No David
He LOVES this book. We have had to read it every night before bed for the past month. I bought this book over a year ago and maybe read it to the boys once. I just didn't understand its appeal and with little words to read I didn't think the boys would like it. But Owen disagrees. He understands all of David's shananigans (and most definitely relates them) through looking at the pictures and hearing me read David's mother's remarks. I just ordered Oh, David! and Alice The Fairy written by the same author because I am pretty tired of reading the same book every night in an effort to mix it up a bit.

Favorite Movies: A toss up between Finding Nemo (with the opening scary fish scene fast-forwarded) and Tarzan (with the opening tiger scene fast-forwarded). This is only possible and/or asked for by Owen when driving in the car long-distances. Otherwise, my 2 year-old and sitting for longer than 3 minutes (unless strapped in his car-seat) is impossible.

Favorite Lullaby: Leavin' On a Jet Plane
I have sung to Owen since he was a newborn. Sometimes I sing actual lullabies, sometimes I sing Pop songs and sometimes I make songs up about our dogs or Owen's pretend adventures. But lately, when I ask Owen, "What should Momma sing?", he responds, "Jet Plane".

Favorite Clothes: None..wants to be a "Naked Boy" all.the.time.

Favorite Jammies: Buzz Lightyear and Woody pj's...he cries for them.

Favorite Breakfast: Ooogurt (yogurt) and eggies.

Favorite Pet: Tootsie (Lola) as he frequently asks, "Momma, Tootsie lap?" (can I hold her in my lap?).

Favorite Food: "Mac Cheese".

Favorite Song: Baby....he loves this song much and sings it so often that one of his teachers at daycare brought in a tape of the song for him and the rest of the kiddos to dance and sing to.

He also loves to be independent ("self...I do it"), loves to "shake my bootie", loves to play the game I Love You As Much As ("as much as all puppies, doggies, horsies, cows, duckies and iPad") and follow his Momma wherever she goes.

This is to remember my O-bubs right now at this exact moment.

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Anne Wallisch said...

I do love this little one!