Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

   What? I cannot believe it is already July 4th. Where did June go? 
We spent last night at my friend (and former college roomie), Kristin's wedding with all my besties. 
It was a beautiful wedding and great times ensued with lots of catching up, telling stories, laughing (lots of laughing), and dancing (lots of dancing).
Oh, how I miss you chicas!

It seems as though the auto focus decided to focus on the cake behind us.

The men would sneak away to play a little golf....typical!

Hmmm...this was a bit later in the night!

This too!?!?

With all that fun we had, I was a smidge worried about what today would bring.
However, it ended up being a really great, low-key holiday, just what The Myers needed.
The shirts my boys are wearing are my first freezer-paper stencil project. Gosh, finally! 
I have wanted to try this f.o.r.e.v.e.r!
I found the idea here and I followed her tutorial
This project was super easy, fun and I think might become addicting.

Jackers and I teamed up and made a very festive, '4th of July' cake.

My brother came over for the afternoon as well! This was a major highlight for all of us as we don't get to see him too often now that he is a busy worker bee!
As you can see, the boys were all over him!

We lit off some amazing fireworks! I wasn't too sure how the boys would react to the noise. I remember crying hysterically at Jack's age when my older brother and dad would do these in our driveway. But, they were a hit! We even contemplated driving to BW for the big dogs, but then we came to our senses!

And lots of loves for Uncle Keefer before he left to get back to his kid-free zone for more celebrating!

Hope all of you had a wonderful '4th of July'!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Lucky for me! I got to spend the day with the special people in my life!
Happy Fourth!
PS Our cake was delicious - thanks Jack!