Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's not getting old....

Catching frogs is just not getting old.  I figured that because we are halfway through the summer, the thrill of catching a frog would be long gone. This is true for me, but nope, not for the Jackers. It's even starting to rub-off on Owen, however, I do think he gets more of a thrill out of slapping the frog out of Jack's hand than the actual catching of the frog! 
...Every frog/toad is named Charlie or Cactus. 
...Every frog/toad gets a home in our 5 gallon bucket.
...Every frog gets released back into the pond at the end of the day, "to be reunited with his family and friends" or they are so big that they jump out of the bucket back to their freedom.
...Every frog/toad gets his belly rubbed by the Jackers because "he is my new friend Momma and I need to take care of him".

And if God-for-bid we do not catch a frog on our outing, serious tears well up in Jack's eyes putting the full-court pressure on me to assist in the mission. Argh! But, I do because then I hear Jack say, "Oh Mommy, I am just so happy that you catched me a frog...I am so happy Mommy". 

They have even made their way into the pool, you know, to swim with us!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Such faith in Mommy's ability to help out when you need her and only if you need her.
God loves little boys!
PS Grammys too.