Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Reunion in Pics.

Pat's family had a small family reunion in Green Bay a few weekends ago! 
In an attempt to get caught up, here are a few pics and tidbits from the weekend.

Group Shot...first take...not bad!

Lauren, Luke and Jack
The piano may have been the biggest hit of the whole weekend. 
Whenever I couldn't find one of my boys, there they would be sitting at the piano (pounding away!).
I was watching Jack and his cousin Luke playing at one point. They each took turns picking out the song from the song book that they "wanted to play"! Very cute!

Annie, Owen and Lauren
Pat's sister and her family belong to a country club that has an amazing outdoor pool. Seriously, amazing! I know that the boys and I could spend hours and hours there on a daily basis! Jack was the very last one to come out of the pool as he could have stayed in there all day. 
Note to self: need one.

Fact: Owen is happiest when eating.

Fact: Owen's cousin Lauren absolutely L.O.V.E.S. him to pieces.

Evidence: Look at this top-notch chauffeur service she provided the little prince, complete with sunglasses. Oh and the balls, you know, to keep it a little more manly and all.

 Fact: Motorized child vehicles are magnets for little boys (well, probably all children).
Evidence: See HERE.

The fun(ny) in trying (emphasis on trying) to take a kid group photo.
Owen, Ellie, Lauren, Jana, Luke, Jack and Annie
Fact: When a group shot is asked of my nieces, Annie and Ellie immediately make the above faces. Seriously, never fails! But it cracks me up, I mean look at that intensity!







And nope.

And an almost again!
Argh..oh well, an almost it will be!

Luke, Janna, Ellie, Annie, Lauren and Jack
Living room picnic while watching Pete's Dragon.
Did you ever do this when you were little? My family did quite often in the summer when it was real hot outside. We did not have central air and so we would have a picnic in our family room in the basement just to be cool while we ate. 
Fact: I love the movie Pete's Dragon.
"I'll be your candle on the waaattteerrr"

It was a great weekend! We were all tuckered out by the third day. 
Can't wait for next year!

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Anne Wallisch said...

What a wonderful memory for all the cousins! After all, isn't that why we do the "reunions" anyway!