Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Conversations with Jack!

Jack: Mommy, why do you cheer and get so happy when I wake up in the morning?

Me: Oh Jack! Because I just love you so much!

Jack: Well then, do you not love me when I am still sleeping in my bed at night time?

Me: Jack, I always love you! Always!


Me: Emily (my 16 year-old, sweety cousin who visited us this past weekend), would you like blueberry pancakes or plain pancakes?

Emily: I'll have plain pancakes. 

Jack: Mommy, but we don't really eat planes, right? We can't eat plane pancakes, right?

Me thinking: Oh jeez, it's darn early to be explaining the difference between "plain" and "plane". 

But, I tried.


1 comment:

Anne Wallisch said...

Okay Mommy, dig up that lesson on homophones, please! Remember, his GiGi is a teacher!