Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Sunday.

After being gone from our own home for 3 weekends straight, it felt so great to be here this weekend (even if it is in Michigan). We filled the last three days with lots of family fun time and projects around our house! We were almost done with a couple of neatos I can't wait to share, but then this morning we decided to put those on hold and drive to Grand Rapids to visit Meijer Gardens.

Insert History Lesson
For all you non-Michiganians (still don't know if that is what we are called), Meijer Grocery is the big-box grocery store located absolutely everywhere in this state! It's basically just like Super Wal-@#$% (I won't type it...I can't!) and there are like 5 of them within 5 minutes of my house. Okay, so founder of Meijer, Fred Meijer, from what I understand helped to fund these amazing gardens and sculpture park, hence it is called Meijer Gardens.

Anyway, it was awesome! Even though it is still a bit chilly here, there was plenty for us to see and do. Specifically, the butterflies are blooming was amazing! The boys loved it, we loved it and for someone learning to use their was perfect! Mixed within the gardens, flowers, plants, birds, butterflies, and sculptures, was a children's garden/play area.  This provided Jack and Owen space to run, breathe fresh air and soak in the natural world around them! As their parents, watching them do this, was probably equally as fun!

Note to self....must go there again!

Awwwww....big and little in their matching sweaters! 
But seriously, is O-man giving me the 'cheese face'....already!

Another note to self: The first thing Jack said to me this morning was this:
Jack: Momma, where is Owen?
Me: Owen is still sleeping. Why do you ask?
Jack: Because I miss him.
Me: That's nice to hear Jack. (as I am thinking, I knew it!)

There were thousands of different types of butterflies flying all over a huge atrium.

Some fun with my camera:

Wouldn't it awesome to have an orange tree in your backyard?
Especially, because my boys eat cuties two at a time!

I have no clue what this is, I forgot to check, but I just love the texture and color.

Jackers was dying to touch a butterfly and bring one home as a pet!

There was a ginormous sandbox, aka, a boy's heaven!
Jack bolted for the digger, of course!

And both boys thought this was a telescope, but nope, it was a huge spotlight.

To help spotlight this giant horse.

This horse was sculpted with every detail. Jack found the horse's anatomy before I even noticed it and asked, "Momma, what is that up there?" Of course, I was all serious and factual, but then when he went to play with the spotlight, Pat and I giggled to ourselves and of course, took some pictures.

Warning: Some x-rated silliness.

Nerds....yes, I know we are!

Okay, moving on.....

A couple more of the boys checking out and sniffing the beautiful flowers as we left.

Jack appropriately smelling the tulips and Owen appropriately trying to rip them out of the pot! Okay, so time to go!

After running around the gardens for two straight hours, Owen was amazingly still happy as can be, but I think that was because of his crackers. I seriously wonder how many crackers we actually throw away from inside/under his car seat. But, they make him happy and content so I don't really care.

Jack on the other hand, was worn out!

Nice. Sign of a busy, good time!

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Anne Wallisch said...

What a great experience for your family...........even the horse's anatomy lesson!
Nik - your pics are just fabulous, WOW!