Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Wreath....my first.

The sun is shinning, the temperature is rising and I feel the need decorate with some color. With spring here and Easter just around the corner, I really wanted a wreath for my front door. However, when I started to look at one to buy or make many of them were very 'Eastery', which were very cute, but I wanted something that would last a little longer.

I headed over to my trusty and amazingly awesome Hobby Lobby (do you have one? I feel for you if you don't) for my supplies. Of course, they had everything I needed and for 50% off! Bonus!

Okay, so this is the very first wreath I have ever made. It's very basic, maybe even a bit boring for the way more creative out there! But, I think I like that about it because I can change it, for example, add to it, whenever I feel the need!


1. Pick a size wreath
2. Pick your greens
3. Pick some ribbon you love

4. Take your floral cutter and cut off each branch.

5. Stuff your branches in your wreath however your heart desires.

6. Hang your ribbon on the wreath...bow, no bow, no ribbon and just on a hook...however! I wanted my ribbon this specific way, but then I couldn't figure out how to attach it to my front door. So, I got out my trusty glue gun and glued the ribbon to the top of the door. It's unseen and it will peel off when I don't want it there anymore. Easy, right!?

Here's what I spent
Wreath- $2.00
Floral cutter- maybe $8.00

About $7.00 for the wreath or $15.00 if you add the cutter...not bad! Plus, I will be able to use all of these things again and again.

I already think I want to add something to it. Maybe mod podged letter "M"to hang in the center?!?


Jane said...

Love it!!! And wish we had a Hobby Lobby...

Anne Wallisch said...

Love it Nicole...........when you move back to he twin cities you'll have to start your own store franchise!
Keep going girl!