Thursday, March 4, 2010

My quest.

Creative quest, that is. In my quest, I keep going to these three areas. Photography, cooking and home decorating-DIY style (including this whole new world of thrifting and crafty projects). Now I must say, when I used to think of crafts, I immediately would think women with animal embroidered sweatshirts selling felt angel pins. Well, what I have learned is, it is not this way at all! Crafting and thrifting is so very fun and very cool.

Anyway, the amount of information I have found on the internet about these subjects is just amazing and seriously endless! There are so many blogs dedicated to this stuff and each blog leads to another one and another one....sometimes it gets just a wee bit addicting. Bloggers show off their latest photo or recipe or DIY project with complete tutorials (a link to one) on how to achieve the same. I love it! 

1. Photography: This is an area where I am just having fun at the moment, sometimes frustrating fun (is that possible?). I am not too sure on how to use my camera (yet, that is!) and I have no clue how to use Photoshop (thank you, picasa and iphoto and picnik). So, I am just playing around, lots of playing around and having a great time taking pictures of my boys and capturing precious memories.


2. Cooking
Oh Risotto,  I have had you in my pantry for so many months. I have wanted to make you, but I was waiting for just the right recipe that sounded ever so yummy! Plus, I might have been just a little nervous to make you, I had heard you need a lot of stirring and stirring and stirring. Well, then just recently, Pioneer Woman posted her Red Pepper Rissoto recipe. Perfect!

The Red Pepper Rissoto was awesome. Pat and I both loved it. I changed mine a little due to what I had in my pantry, for example, a jar roasted red peppers and chedder cheese. I will definitely be making it again, and I will be looking for other yummy risotto recipes. For any newbies, it does take a lot of stirring and more stirring. Keyword: naptime.

3. Home decorating-DIY:
    Finally I can see spring on the horizon...alas bring on the spring baubles!

At Ballard Designs one of these so cute topiaries cost $49.00 each! What?!?!

But, then I found this topiary tutorial...perfect! are my topiaries!

Not bad for one of my first DIY crafty projects...I must say so myself!
Plus, they are super cute and fabulous for a fraction of the price! 

Others I can't wait to try:
- a version of this Ballard's inspired wall art
- Spice up my counter chairs just like THIS 
-Make this entryway sign and THIS is so cute too
-Now THIS is such a cute gift or for the outside of each of my boys' doors

Phew....I've got work to do!

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pcp said...

Hi Nicole,
Hey, I just love your blog...and from your blog I found Pioneer Woman which I also love. You are doing a terrific job with your photos! I sent a link to this blog to our family photo mom, my niece, to inspire her as well. It looks like you guys are doing great. Say hi to Pat for me.
Take care, Pat