Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Owen: 10 months old!

Actually, more like almost 11 months old. It's been busy! 

Owen is getting just about as hard to photograph as his brother. He wants to be moving, all...the...time. Owen is cruising along the furniture, stands for a few minutes at a time, and thinks about taking a step forward before he falls on his toochie. Poor buddy has a bruise on each of his cheeks! 

He has 3 teeth (two bottom, 1 left top incisor) with a fourth making its appearance any day! He sure does love his big brother. Jack truly can make him giggle harder than anyone else! He is also loving his Momma right now, separation anxiety has been creeping up!  He might even be saying "MaaaMaaa"? I am not 100% sure about this, but his GeeGee swears he is. 

And a few pictures of my almost 11 month old, 3 toothed, double cheek bruised, big brother lovin' Owen!



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Anne Wallisch said...

I love my Owen..........GiGi