Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fresh Air!

There may be sickness a brew'n amongst my boys. I am not sure what it is exactly. I have seen it mostly in Jack. There have been some signs. No eating. Complaining of "tummy and head hurting" (which is not the most accurate b/c that can change within seconds). Glossy eyes. Lethargic...Jack went up to his bed today for nap time practically all on his own and fell asleep within minutes.  Cuddly, very cuddly (which this Momma loves). Fever, which Jack never gets.

I am not sure if this will develop into something more or if it is just a little "icky bug" he is experiencing!? Who knows...who ever knows? However, we called off date night to give Jack extra TLC, just in case.

Before dinner, I thought it might help some to get outside for some fresh air! A good 20 minutes of playing in the leaves.

My attempt at a sequence of Jack throwing leaves in the air. Jack = cute. Picture quality = lame.


 Jack did not like laying in the leaves.

I love how the boys are looking at each other. They are probably thinking, "Here we go again...seriously, Mom..enough!"

One word: Classic

Notice the scratch. We had a little incident this morning involving two brothers and one toy train.

Pretty sure O is eating a leaf.

As a momma of two, it is very difficult to push your one baby on the swing and play pretend picnic with your toddler. See next picture.

I guess we better go in.

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