Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Light in Photography.

After being sick in bed for almost 3 days, it felt as though I had been in hibernation. I arose with this this strong need to start getting some projects done, but also spend lots of time outside with the boys as it has been absolutely beautiful here this past week... sunny everyday and in the high 50's. That kind of weather needs to be taken advantage of!  One of these projects that I have been wanting to do involved my boys, the vineyard behind our house and my camera. 

As a complete newbie to photography, I pretty much have no idea what I am doing. I do know that light is ESSENTIAL in photography, but I was made very aware of this during this little photo shoot. The light was beautiful as I was getting the boys ready and packed up for our walk to this location. However, as we were walking, it was fading and fading fast. This is definitely shown in my pictures, which is bummer. We still had fun though and Jack was extremely cooperative and helpful with his brother!

There are rows and rows of these grape vines. Concord grapes to be exact. 
They taste pretty good, too!

There it goes...heart melting!

I don't dress the boys the same very often, but these vests were just too cute. And I am total sucker for hats, if you haven't noticed.

Darn fuzzy hand! He just gets so excited!




I need to give this a go again when the light is better. I feel this passion for photography, a passion that is sparked by these two lovies! I just want to learn more and more. Ah well, onto my next project! Let's clean out the garage!

Side note: It is quite difficult and quite hilarious photographing these two. Owen is more concerned with putting anything and everything in his mouth including leaves, weeds, grass and sand. While Jack is concerned with noises ( planes or cars) and what Owen is doing. So, Owen would be shoving a leaf in his mouth while Jack was cooperating and then Owen was cooperating while Jack was staring into the sky at a plane.

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