Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good News, Bad News and the Flu!

Good News!

Owen's tooth finally popped through making him one happy boy!

Bad News!


Jack ended up being really sick with what I think was the stomach flu. This is a picture of him laying on his "sick bed". Did your mom ever do this for you when you were a child? Mine did. A very comfortable bed made up on the couch with lots of movie time and big red bucket (just in case). This stomach flu came in waves which was very odd to me. Jack would complain of not feeling well one day and then the next he would "appear" totally fine. Well, it hit hard last Wednesday night into Thursday and by Friday Jack was back to running circles around the house so I knew he was all better. No signs yet in O....pray for us!!!

Good News!

Keefe and Holly came for a visit this weekend. Keefe is an absolute die-hard University of Michigan Wolverine football fan. Actually, more like fanatic. He talks about the team in the "we" as if he is actually on the team. He knows all the facts, statistics, players, and checks U of M football blogs constantly. So, we felt it was very much appropriate to give them tickets to a game. On Saturday morning, we all headed over to Ann Arbor to take in the pregame fun and check out the city.


Of course, we all had to get the appropriate garb so we "fit in"!

Love this!
The boys could not get enough of Uncle Keefer's beard, they loved touching it!

That picture gave me a flashback......

Uncle Keefer and Jack when he was about 8 or 9 months. I'm pretty sure that hat is a U of M hat.

And 3 years later. Seriously, where has this time gone?

Going to Ann Arbor, especially with Keefe and Holly was so much fun. It is very much like the University of WI-Madison-State Street Area. Holly decided to hang with me and the boys and Pat and Keefe went to the game.We shopped and played with the boys and then headed home. Although, the Wolverines lost on Saturday I know the experience was all well worth it for the guys.
We had such a wonderful time with Keefer and Holly. We truly wish we would have had a few more days to spend with them. Our boys adore their Aunt and Uncle! Thanks guys for a great visit!

And of course..more Bad News!

Pretty sure, I came down with some form of influenza. It hit me on Sunday and I basically have been in bed ever since. I am starting to feel better today, which is why I am able to blog. Being sick is hard on anyone, but being a mother and being sick is pretty darn near impossible. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who has completely taken over all of my mommy duties and is taking really good care of me. I love you, babe!

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Michelle said...

Oh no! Feel better! Love the new pics though! Jack and Owen--you are too cute!