Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Weekend.

We had visitors this weekend...Yippee! Pat's sister Tami and her husband Ray and their three girls came all the way from Green Bay, WI to spend a few days with us. Having five kiddos ranging in ages 10 years to 10 months makes for a busy, BUSY 3 I don't have a lot of pictures (bummer!). But, we had such a great time made up of lots of playing, shopping, cooking and of course, "Trick or Treating".

The Girls




We got blasted with rain the entire day on Friday. What to do? I know, I know...let's play Wii!

Let's see how many silly faces we can make on Photo Booth.


A couple of examples:

Let's teach Nicole how to make applesauce.


Tami brought along her applesauce great is that thing (not sure of it's technical name?). It makes the whole process super easy and so much fun for Jack. If you know where I can get one of these, let me know!

Let's pray to the Tooth Fairy God that Owen's teeth will break through in the next couple of days. My O is in an incredible amount pain and I have tried everything!

Thank goodness, the rain stopped some time on Saturday. The girls were able to get outside and show off their moves ripstiking (I had no clue what this was!) And of course, all the kids were able to go "trick or treating" around our neighborhood.Tami, O and I stayed back and handed out the candy while the dads took the kids.


Annie is Hermione, Ellie is a gypsy, Lauren is Hannah Montana minus the blond wig and of course, Jack is a pirate and O, the skunk.


Bring back lots of Snickers for me and Auntie Tami!

 Post candy collection. Immediately upon returning home, the kids dumped out all their candy and picked out all the ones they wanted. They filled up another bucket with some of the kinds they did not care for as much and handed it out to the remainder of "trick or treaters". I think Lauren and Jack had just as much, maybe more fun doing this as they did "trick or treating".

Time to go! Auntie Tami giving the boys lots of love!!

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend! See you in a couple of weeks!!

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