Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Ritual of Bath Time.

Bath time is a nightly ritual in our house! We started this when Jack was just weeks old due to his excessive crying at night along with his absolute unwillingness to fall asleep. We were trying to help settle his tummy, calm him, soothe him, and create a routine so that he knew bed time was approaching. To this day, I am still not sure if Jack's nightly baths did any of those things. However, I do know that he now LOVES his bath time and I definitely think that it calms him after a full day of "busy boy" activities. Oh and Jack eventually started really sleeping well at about 10-11 months...the longest, tiredest 10-11 months of my life!

Jack is now almost 3 years old and he has probably had a bath almost everyday of those 3 years. We continued this routine with Owen and he loves them just the same. When he was about 5 months old he started taking his bath with Jack, which makes it much more fun for the both of them.  It is so wonderful watching them bathe together, giggling and splashing each other the whole time.

I was trying for the classic soapy mohawk look on both of them. As you can see, Jack was over that in about 2 seconds and dumped water on his head. This Momma is just not quick enough!

But, he did make a nice fishy face for me!

I am always trying to get them both to look here and smile at the same time. The couple pictures below, they actually did!? Weird.

Big Smile, Eyes Closed.

Big Smile, Eyes Open.

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Anne Wallisch said...

GiGi is supposed to be giving those little guys their bath. HHKK