Saturday, October 24, 2009

"My Night-Night"

Jack and his "Night-Nights". Where do I begin? 

Jack has two blankets that are exactly the same. He was gifted these two blankets from two different people (one being his GeeGee) when he was born. They are blue, extremely soft (still!) and are BOTH very much needed for sleepy times, sad times, or just relaxing times! They are his comfort and security. These two blankets are his lovies or his "Night-Nights" as Jack so affectionately calls them! He snuggles them, always rubbing the satin edge between his pointer and index finger.

Here is a good example...the other morning just after Jack woke up for the day he was sitting on the couch with his "Night-Nights" draped over himself. I think he was still trying to wake up a bit, hence the stare he is giving me or he is just annoyed that I am taking his picture at 8:00 am. Probably a little of both!! And check out that bruise on his forehead! That is a constant in this little boys soon as he recovers from one, another one takes its place.


Anywho..I am not exactly sure how he came to love these two blankets so much! It slowly developed over time and when he was just over a year old, maybe 14 months, he was always asking for "Night-Nights". First we thought he was asking to go to bed..."Momma, Night-Nights!" But, then we put it all together when he would grab those blankets and just snuggle up! Oh, and his daycare provider at the time would tell us he was saying the same thing to her! 

Pat and I have talked and laughed about this and in doing so realized that when we are about to put our kids to bed for naps or nighttime we say, "Do you want to go Night-Night?" We then pick them up, grab their lovies and head up to their rooms. Jack obviously associated all these things and just assumed that is what his blankets were called..."Night-Nights". Whatever it may be...I just find this ever so precious!

Side Note: 
We have been talking about the dentist with Jack. Specifically, how when he turns 3 years old we may take a trip to visit the dentist to have his teeth checked. For fun, I bought him a Mercer Mayer book about his trip to the dentist. Point of the story, Jack now calls the dentist, the "Ventist".  He says, "Mommy please read me the Ventitst book".

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Anne Wallisch said...

Jack will have to make a visit to Uncle Ray and his Ventist office.............cute! AND, those night-nighs are darling covering his head!