Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hats and Sweaters...Really?

I am always cold, seriously! I think I start wearing my Northface fleece at the end of August. I think it must have something to do with my upbringing. No lie, my parents NEVER turned the heat on and if it was on, maybe it was set at 65 degrees. I remember getting dressed for school either under the sheets/blankets of my bed or in front of this heater we had in our kitchen (that my brothers and I could turn on/off). Also, when I would complain about being "so cold", my mom would tell me to put on a sweatshirt or my bathrobe. In college, I would always be wearing my bathrobe over my clothes when I was friends thought I was crazy and just laughed. Thanks Mom!! here I am today, mother of two boys who I am always overdressing because I am so darn cold, I think they must be cold. Perfect example, today I took the boys for a walk and I bundled them all up. Before the walk though..I tried to capture them in their fall wear! Please note, major and I mean MAJOR bribery may have been used to get them (Jack) to do this!

Okay, look at Mommy!


UP HERE Jack...remember those M&M's!

Oh, that's great...just move your hand a little bit! smile!!! Where's Momma?

Oh good...Owen up here..look at Momma! Oh well, close enough!

You boys make my heart melt!

In conclusion, we went for our walk and about 10 minutes in we all had our hats and sweaters off...even me!

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