Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Morning Cuteness!

It is a rainy Saturday morning. Breakfast is done, a cartoon (Dinosaur Train) has been watched, Mommy and Daddy had their cup of coffee and both boys are dressed. Pat and I, however, are still in our pj's! 

Now, what to do today....hmmmm? Well, right now, Jack, you are having Daddy time down in the basement. Sounds like you are either playing in your bouncy castle, playing basketball or just good ole rough housing with your Daddy. And my sweet Owen, you are taking your morning nap. Now that you are officially crawling, picking your self up on all the furniture and trying to keep up with your big brother you sure do get tired out quickly!

Well, whatever we do today, here is a healthy dose of cuteness to start the day off just right!





And the closet we could get to a "brothers shot" in 1.5 hours!

Photography by Jessica Hinnenkamp of JM Photography

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