Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just when I get the playroom cleaned and organized...
within a few short hours it ends up looking like this. What a MESS!

Actually, this picture is a good representation of how I feel 
sometimes as a stay @ home Mommy! Ugh!

In the last 24 hours.....
  • I got pulled over for speeding...got my first speeding ticket.
  • Cleaned up about 17 potty accidents a la Jack.
  • Missed his music class b/c I forgot fresh pants..one of those accidents was in the car on the way to class while getting pulled over for speeding. 
  • Gave Jack 3 TO's for hitting or pinching Owen.
  • Did 5 loads of laundry...folded, but still laying on the floor of my room.
  • Went to get a pizza and left it on the hood of my car. Thank goodness someone flagged me down.
  • Went to mall to look for something to wear to my brother's wedding rehearsal dinner and one of the boys was crying or whining the entire time.
  • Planted mums with Jack (which he helped with and thought was great fun) only to find out he stomped on 2 of them (he thought that was fun, too!).
However.....when I hear Jack tell me "Momma, I love you as much as all the cars on all the roads all over the whole wide world"....I may forget about some of that stuff listed above!


Michelle said...

Oh no! I just burst out laughing at this because I just took a picture of Chase's room which looks similar--but has CORN kernels all over it!! Sounds like you are having quite a day! And Nicole, speeding with your precious boys in the car??? Bummer. Hope your afternoon goes better:)

Anne Wallisch said...

Hang in there.........Mommies all over the world have an affinity with this one!

Nicole said...

No kidding Michelle! And I just may have been talking on my cell phone..oops! Huge reality check!! Corn kennels...how did that happen?

Oh and baby toys...I am having that same dilemma with Jack. Anything and everything Owen picks up...Jack just takes or he has discovered trading.

Kari Simonson said...

I'm nobody you know....but I was just browsing through blogs and came upon yours.
I read this post and had to smile.
My darling children are now 21, 18 and 15.
I was a stay at home mom. My days felt like the week you just described. I know you hear this all the time...but in a blink of an eye, they will be grown up and these days will be but a fond memory. Cherish them, and know that you're NOT ALONE! Many of us have been there. Being home with your kids is the greatest gift you can give them!
You go girl!