Sunday, May 27, 2012

Preschool: Last and First

Jack had his last day of preschool...last day of preschool ever. Typing this, thinking about this and looking at this picture of him on his last day may just make my throat swell up with emotion. Just when I think I'm okay with Jack growing up and becoming a big boy then I get hit smack upside the head with the fact that Jack is growing up, becoming a big boy and he is no longer my baby.

I thought I was completely accepting and excited for Jack to graduate from Preschool and begin preparations for Kindergarten. This last week as we counted down the last three days of Preschool, I was excited for him, but just not accepting of the whole situation. During his graduation ceremony, good thing I was wearing sunglasses and another mom brought a big roll of toilet paper because I needed both for my tears. 

Anyway, beyond my Momma weepiness, Jack had a great year in preschool and he is more than ready to begin Kindergarten in the Fall and even more ready than that to have summer vacation. I'm so proud of my Jackers in all that he has learned and accomplished this year as well as the good friend he was to classmates and the big boy he has become in our family.

 I definitely see more of a baby face in Jack on his first day of preschool back in September.

Okay, I need to close this up because my throat is starting to swell again.

So, I will end with this...

I'm going to enjoy and eat up every moment of having Jack all to myself for the next three months before I send him off to Kindergarten.

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Anne Wallisch said...

Too cute- definitely has grown!