Monday, May 7, 2012

The one about an emergency room visit.

The boys were wrestling before bed last night. 
Wrestling is a common activity in this household. What can I say....boys

Actually, Owen was 100% instigating it with his big brother in a very playful way. As I was gathering up their stuff for bed and saying things like , "be careful boys", I heard a scream and immediate (hysterical) crying from Owen. This was quickly followed up by Jack saying, "Mommy, it was an accident". These are never a good sign. 

To make a long story short, in the midst of the wrestling, Jack accidently poked Owen in the eye. And by a poke, I mean three scratches straight across his cornea.  He seemed to quickly recover, but then every 15 minutes following, he would start crying in pain. Inconsolable pain. The only way to calm him down was to sing Puff the Magic Dragon in it's entirety. He even whimpered along, word for word. It was so sweet despite the situation.
After about four hours of this and little sleep for the three of us, I decided it was time for an emergency room visit. I just felt so awful for O-Bubs and I needed to rule out the idea in my mind that it was "something worse". So, at 1:00 am, we headed to the ER, where it was confirmed that Owen indeed had scratches across cornea. I myself have never experienced this, but it causes excruciating pain. There was nothing they could for him at the hospital (it just has to heal on it's own in a few days), but the loads of stickers and new Beanie Baby seemed to butter him up and made him feel a little better for the night. And his Momma had some peace of mind.

Thankfully, he was on the mend all day today. 

I tell's always something

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