Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm exhausted.

I have not slept for more than three hours straight in the last four weeks, I've only slept in the sitting position for the other sporadic four hours, I'm existing on fumes (and lots of love), I sometimes feel like I'm being pulled in fifteen directions, my house is a disaster, my car looks like a box of Chedder Bunnies exploded inside, I'm forgetting things constantly, my to-do list grows by the minute,  I have made a permanent butt mark on my couch from the hours spent nursing Adelyn, I have more reality shows on my DVR than I'd like to admit (again from the amount of time spent feeding Adelyn), and I may have only cried a handful of times.
I love these three little faces (and Pat) so incredibly much. I know that each day we will make progress, we will figure out our new routine, and things will get easier. 

They have to...right?

*I've discovered Instagram for my Android. I'm obsessed.


Anne Wallisch said...

Just darling!

Carolyn said...

Don't worry Honey. It will get easier. Your three little ones are spaced the same as mine were and I got through it somehow. The time goes so fast; let the house and the car be a disaster for now, those three beautiful little people don't care and they'll remember how much their Momma loved them!