Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 34

Week 34
Picture by Jack

Holy Man..I am at 34 weeks! I still feel great, but some of the most basic things are getting harder to do, for example, sleep, bend over and chase after my boys. That's what an extra 30 pounds will do to a girl! I still have not had any cravings, but I may have  (just may have) eaten a doughnut, a cookie and some ice cream today.....and that's how you gain those 30 extra l.b.'s. 

This baby is a mover and a shaker and a kicker and a puncher. In the busyness of raising my boys, these acrobatics are some of our bonding moments, so I love it. I thought I had my maternity clothes situation figured out until this unseasonably, beautiful weather kicked in and threw me for a loop! I'm trying to make due with what I have, which includes these and these in various colors although, I sure miss my thick, chunky sweaters I can hide under

We started prepping the nursery as it has been a guest room/dump space for the past year. I have already accumulated another bag of garbage, 500 more unused picture frames, and my DSL camera manual that I have been in search of for 2 years! It's unbelievable how the Nesting Bug grabs a tight hold and won't let go until every inch/room/closet of your house is cleaned and organized. We have made some major progress around here because of it! But, most importantly, I have been scheming lots of cute decorating ideas.


Val W said...

THAT'S why my house is such a mess! No nesting bug! Does that mean I have to have another baby to get my house clean? Heaven forbid, at this point in my life! LOL!!
You're looking great by the way.

Nicole said...

HaHa! Yes, Val..two great ways to ensure your house gets clean and organized are to either have a baby or move! Thanks so much..see you soon!