Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Kiddo Rack

As I hinted yesterday (I'm sure you were dying to know..wink-wink), I finally created something with my Martha Stewart stencils. Last week, my friend Sara pinned this adorable DIY coat rack and I immediately felt the need to make my own. I knew I had just the place for it too!

We have a very functional mudroom with a lot of storage and dump space, but it has been needing something. This something relates to the fact that my boys are old enough to hang up their coats, sweatshirts and backpacks by themselves, but they are not quite big enough to reach our hooks. A majority of the time, all of their things are laying on the floor of the mudroom and then I am constantly picking them up. Not fun.They needed a cute and functional rack that was just the right size for them.

This Pinterest Challenge inspired me to get going on actually creating something I have pinned while also solving a small organizational quirk in my home.

Disclaimer: These photos are awful. This space has no natural light and it's too tight of a space for me to take an accurate picture of how the space is laid out.

Here is our mudroom...
On the exact opposite wall from the built-in is a closet door and an empty wall. This empty wall was just the place for my kiddo rack.

This chevron coat rack was my pinspiration.

I bought an inexpensive piece of MDF from Lowes had them cut it down to the exact width of my wall. To add a pop of color to this space as well as continue on with my goal of adding yellow to every room in my house, I painted the board Pale Butter by Valspar. I had a random sample of this from another project so it was perfect and no added cost.
I then added my stencil with Martha Stewart acrylic paint in the color Wedding Cake. Now this was my very first time stenciling, so it is no where near perfect. You learn!
After the painted dried, I gave it a good sanding to distress it. I had some knobs laying around that were to be used on a different project, but I had changed my mind. I bought them at Hobby Lobby probably one year ago on a trip to Green Bay. Please Hobby Lobby come back to Minneapolis/St. Paul!. Anyway, I thought they would work great, but I was dreaming of Anthropologie knobs for this project. The boys and I even went to Anthropologie (a feet in itself..not the best place for small children, but they actually were totally into the knob search) and I purchased some. But, when I got home I had major buyers remorse over the fact that I spent $12/knob when I had perfectly fine knobs at home that cost me $1.25/knob. So, I returned the knobs and went with the ones I had. The beauty of this project, is that I can change it up down the road if I want to..knobs included.

Anyway, here is what I came up with. Oh and please disregard my disgustingly dirty walls. They are G-ross as the boys have managed to touch every wall in this house with their sticky, dirty fingers. What can I do/say...we live here.

I like it and I'm happy with it. 
Most importantly, to see my boys hang up their things makes me ecstatic!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Very cute! Good job honey!