Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Random: What we've been up to...

1. Pat left for a 10-day work trip to here:

 Although I was not looking forward to being alone with the boys for that long, I was super pumped for him to have such an amazing experience. And from the sounds of it, that is exactly what it was for him plus three new watches.

2. We checked out the Arboretum with friends. It was great to be outside watching our boys be one with nature, but maybe going there in the Spring/Summer/Fall would be a better idea. It was worth it though.

3. I kept uber busy while he was gone which made the 10 days just fly by. One of my best girlfriends, Sara and her kiddos came for a visit for a few nights. Two Mommas plus four kiddos made for a hectic yet kid-fun time with good heaping of girl talk in between. For example, we made a trip to the MOA and after rides, Build-A-Bear and lunch, we decided that us girls deserved a little treat for ourselves.  Our treat just happened to be these. Our kids may have destroyed the store, but as long as we were holding new shoes in our hands...we were okay with it.

Mr. Sully aka Best Baby Ever

They made the whoopie pies and we I snitched small bites of them.

4. I made these brownies and with the help of a few other peeps (okay-okay, mostly me), they were gone pretty quickly.

5. I struggled and continue to struggle in finding a way to cure Jack's chapped lower lip. He's constantly licking it which makes it red and chapped which causes him lots of pain. Any remedies?

6. After Owen painted me a few pictures, I finally got around to whipping these up with his watercolor masterpieces.

Idea and templates via here

7. I reached week 32 of being pregnant and I am at the peak of constant bathroom visits. This baby must be using my bladder as a pillow.

8. I have been laughing at Owen's cute antics! This boy is a dramatic yet goofy one. He's constantly telling me he's hungry, however, when I give him something to eat, he maybe will eat half of it and then get distracted by whatever Jack is doing. Then, 15 minutes later, he tells me he's "soooo hungry".
Just yesterday, he told me, "Mommy, I so tummy has a headache cause I sooo hungry".

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Jane said...

have you tried aquaphor? I think they have a lip version too (but i use the regular stuff) Use at night especially...