Friday, February 24, 2012

Week 30

I have been one week off on this pregnancy...

As I was sipping on this delicious drink two weeks ago, my Midwife informed me that I was at 29 weeks while I thought I was at week 28. Oops!

So, here I am today 2.5 weeks later at 30 weeks pregnant.
(please ignore that gross, smudgy mirror..I was simply too lazy to clean it)

It's so hard to believe that I have already reached my third trimester. It sometimes feels just like yesterday that I was popping in an afternoon movie for my boys because pure exhaustion had overwhelmed by body and the only cure was a power nap. Now here I am on the home stretch with all of my energy back and I am in full-blown nesting mode. My thoughts/dreams of this baby and when/how he/she will make his/her appearance are becoming more real and more exciting by the day.  

The baby weighs about 3 lbs. and is the size of a cabbage. My midwife thinks the baby is in a perfect position at head down. This has to be true because the baby is constantly kicking me in my belly button. Jack and Owen had hiccups in utero constantly, but with baby I have not felt one hiccup...yet?! I am really gearing myself to have a water birth as that would be my ideal plan...I would love this so very much. However, I do understand that it's not always up to me and "my plan" may not happen. 

We will see, I guess!

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