Monday, February 6, 2012

The End of Nukie and The Introduction to Wilson.

 Several weeks before Owen turned 3 years old, we were constantly talking with him about how the time was coming for him to be done with his Nukie (aka pacifier). We would tell him that when he turned 3 years old, he would officially be a big boy and big boys don't have Nukies. 

His birthday in January came and went, but the Nukie lingered. To be completely honest, it lingered only due to selfish reasons on our part. Even though we both knew taking away the Nukie was best for Owen, we were just nervous as to what this change would bring, for example, loss of naps. We got over that rather quickly because as I said, we needed to do what was/is best for the O-bubs. After hyping up the good-bye to Nukie all last week, we pulled it, pretty much cold turkey (is there any other way?!) on Saturday.

I was the more direct one and told Owen that because he is now 3 years old, he can no longer have his Nukie while Pat took the more indirect (for lack of a better word) route and told him that the Nukie Fairy came while he was sleeping and took them away. The Nukie Fairy idea seemed to resonate with Owen and made him more comfortable with this change. He has been talking about that Nukie Fairy a lot (sounds better than "My Mommy threw my precious Nukies in the garbage"). that  Don't get me wrong, he also has been one sad puppy about this loss and has asked for it whenever his head hits his pillow, but after some consoling and cuddling he settles down. Kuddos to Patrick though, he is one great Daddy! 

Thankfully, Owen still has his other two lovies to comfort him during this transition, which he has truly done fabulous with in the past two days. He has still napped and slept at night like the a if nothing has even changed. One thing that helps is singing to him and he requests a lot of singing. In particular, Leaving On Jet Plane has been sung by 'Moi' one billion times....he loves it so! Also, he has clung on this little soccer ball, which Pat has named Wilson. He sleeps and cuddles with Wilson and carries him around as much as he possibly can.  Whatever works, right!?

This is what Owen's "smile" face currently looks like.
No, he's not in pain, he truly thinks he's smiling.

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Anne Wallisch said...

Wilson even had to go along on the Wildebeest Hunt the other day! Such devotion!