Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 27.

We have hit the three month mark! To break it down, my official due date is May 9th, so this means I have 3 months or 90 days or 2160 hours (all with an ~ish) until I get to meet this little baby cook'n away in my belly!

Week 27
Mommy and Owen
Photo by: Jack

I'm still feeling really good despite a few random leg cramps, belly itches (which a nightly rub of tummy butter has improved), one small episode of dizziness, and moments of feeling breathless when climbing the stairs a few times or doing housework. Minor stuff. I have not had any constant cravings, however I could eat here every single night for dinner if it were up to me. I guess that's a craving. Because we don't know the sex of this baby, I have not begun decorating the nursery, but I have lots of ideas. Despite this, I have a raging, full-blown case of The Nesties or Nesting Syndrome. I am going through this house like a mini-tornado has been let loose inside with its goal set to purge, organize and decorate every corner possible. A third baby on the way and the idea of much less time on my hands, has really kicked my butt into full-speed checking house projects off the never-ending "to do" list. I am starting to feel breathless again just thinking about it! 

Thank goodness leggings are the rage these days, because I could wear these You see, my abnormally flat butt does not fare well with an expanding belly. It's very disproportionate. My maternity jeans are constantly falling down (uber annoying by the end of the day), hence the beauty of leggings. Oh and these long-sleeved T's (which I am wearing above) are amazing! I apologize in advance if you see me wearing them every encounter we have over the next three months as they are long enough to cover the bump while being super comfortable to boot! Love them.

I literally have 12+ bins of boy clothes, sizes ranging from newborn up to 5 years old. Plus with the 2 boys already, our house is boyified to the max. So, if we have a boy we are set! But, I have to admit, it is kinda fun to look at girl clothes and ponder the idea of having a daughter.
Only 2160 hours until we find out...sigh.

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