Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Ten

1. Right now I am listening to the boys giggle while they play a game they made up all by themselves. Love these moments!

2. Also, right now I have homemade pizzas cooking in the oven. I make my homemade pizza with Garlic Naan Bread as they are absolutely delicious this way. I have been on a Naan Bread kick for about the past year. It is great for dips or sandwiches as well!

3. Pat has wanted to purchase himself a four-wheeler since we moved into our house. Did you know there are many ways in which a four-wheeler can benefit your life? Well there are many (many!) ways! He almost has me convinced that having a four-wheeler is really a need as opposed to a want (can you hear my sarcasm?). And after a day of playing on one, it has now seeped into his blood. Uh-oh!

4. The boys and I did a fall art project together a few weeks ago. I had originally found the idea here. The project was super easy as it involved three simple tools... paper, paint and q-tips. The results comparison sure does make me smile!

5. We are about 80% done with the redo of our breakfast nook table and chairs. Here's a sneak peak...

6. We had a girls weekend at my house. My mom, her three sisters and each of their (only) daughters came to spend two days chatting, eating and shopping. We haven't been able to coordinate a weekend like this in almost ten years. I value and cherish my relationships with these women so incredibly much. We had such a great time that I am sure this will now be an annual or even bi-annual event.

My cousins and I are standing in front of our mothers. Is it not crazy how much we look just like them!?

7. It was a hard day at the office for O-bubs....the Children's Museum office.

Today was one of the best times I have had at the Children's Museum with my boys. It just happened to be one of those days when all factors fell into place perfectly, which made for f-u-n!

8. I know it's early, but I found this cute and free Christmas printable today on pinterest.

9. The boys and I will be making a Thankful Tree similar to this one sometime this week. I love the idea of adding to it at our leisure or as a family from now through Thanksgiving. What a great tradition!

10. Every Wednesday, Jack's preschool class has a "Mystery Reader" and this past week just happened to be his assigned day. The idea behind this is that each student will get a day when someone special to him/her comes as a surprise to read to the class. Jack's mystery reader, who he guessed immediately upon hearing his voice behind the curtain, read the oldie, but goodie, classic book Ferdinand. It just happens to be one of Pat's favorite books from his childhood.

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Anne Wallisch said...

I love your ten this week! I can't pick the one I love the most! Thanks for being such a great mom and daughter!