Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011...all I got!

We Pat and I carved pumpkins.

We went trick or treating with friends and loaded up on candy..way too much candy! Jack and his buddy Chase ran at turbo speed to every house while Owen lagged behind eating the piece of candy he received from the previous house. They loved every minute of this!

The boys were on a sugar-high the entire next day which drove me crazy and led to activities shown in the picture below.

A game called how long of a block train can we possibly make if we use all of the blocks that we have in this house?

In an effort to rid this house of Halloween candy before I went completely bonkers from the asking for candy coupled with the affects of candy in my children, I made a deal with the boys. This deal was as follows, they could pick out any toy they wanted at Target as long as they were willing to give up all their candy. It worked (and they actually chose one bigger toy to share..impressive) and I am so happy to say that we have been on a happy sugar detox ever since. We sent all of our candy to a new home called Pat's work except for a few Reece's PB cups that I may have hidden away in the freezer.

That's all I got from Halloween next year!

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