Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Thankful Tree and a Funny.

We put together our Thankful Tree late last week. We did it just in time for Thanksgiving, which means just in time to take it down a day later to decorate our house for Christmas! Ahh, this is my life! However, the boys enjoyed this project and they happily continue to add leaves (on their own!) everyday. That being said, next year my procrastination will go out the window and I will strive to put this together in early November. I talked about making a Thankful Tree similar to this one and I was all set out to make my own leaves with scrapbook paper until I found these cute and free printable leaves.  

So, the boys and I went for it and created our very first Thankful Tree!

Jackers has added three Owen leaves over the last week. In related news, at school, Jack and his classmates made a Thankful Book in which each child created a page by drawing/writing/coloring what they are thankful for. Jack drew a picture of his brother and wrote Owen real big at the top. What a sweetie he is!!

Now O-Bubs can't write yet and he can't really draw, but that doesn't stop him from adding leaves describing what he's thankful for.

I'm pretty sure this leaf says "Mommy" (wink, wink!).

I'm loving this idea and it definitely will be a tradition in the Myers home. Making this Thankful Tree and talking about what being thankful means with my little boys sure puts life into perspective. Life gets busy and stressful while there are also moments sprinkled in when we each are reminded of how precious life can be. Creating this tree helped put us in the holiday spirit while giving us a small moment (with each added leaf) to remind ourselves of what really matters.

And now for a small funny...

Jack was playing/coloring in a Christmas coloring/activity book this afternoon. One page in the book was dedicated to making a list or writing a letter to Santa Claus. Jack decided he would rather write all of our names on this list and he did so in scribble cursive (you know, how we wrote cursive as children before we knew what cursive really was). He then showed me his work and said, "See Mommy, I wrote all of our names". I then responded with, "Jaaaack, you know how to write all of our names correctly and that is not it". Well then Jack fired back with, "But Mommy, that is how you sign your name on that thing at Target". True Jack...true!

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Anonymous said...

I am thankful for my little grand babes! Can I add a leaf to the tree?