Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Jack is back to giving 110% (plus an extra 90% to make up for the past three days!) to life while Owen continues to be my little daredevil extraordinaire. I'm exhausted. I'm thinking girlfriends plus these are majorly in order....soon...please?!

2. We checked out this sale on Friday. My mom walked away with a super cute bird feeder for her butterfly garden and I came home with these three vintage suitcases.
I haven't decided exactly what the heck I'm going to do with them, but I'm thinking something like this, this or maybe even this! Check out Mama's Happy, they are open the second weekend of each month stocked full of unique merchandise that will most likely make you happy!

3. July 4th is long over,  but it just would not feel right to not post any pictures from our night. We had a great time spending it with friends at a party held on the roof of the local library, which just happened to be a pretty perfect place for firework gazing!

4. We checked out a local Wisconsin (townie as in small townie) parade last Friday night. The theme of the local event was "Superheros", so the boys were able to decorate capes and masks to wear while watching the parade.
Jackers was totally into it and wore his gear the entire parade!
Look at that lip? Is that a "I'm so annoyed your taking my picture in public lip"?
No way..can't be.

superheros + candy + freezer pops + music + tractors + trucks + marching bands = A Grand Ole' Time

 Owen went from one piece of candy to the next and I don't think he finished a single piece.

5. Jack wanted to show you what arrived today....

Yipee Ki-Yi-Yay! 
We gots ourselves some grass!

6. If the boys and I wake up in the morning feeling healthy and rested (O-bubs had a fever at bedtime tonight), we are heading down to my brother's house for a little vacation. This weekend is a very exciting annual event called Fish Day. It's the world's largest one-day fish fry and it's also one day where a bunch of my extended family get-together to parade watch, drink, eat, compete in a beanbag tournament and laugh and laugh and laugh some more! I have been out of the Fish Day circuit now for like 8 years due to moving and baby-making. I'm sure good times will be had especially by my brother Keefe, who has been talking about Fish Day at least every week since Fish Day 2010.

7. Do you want to know another reason why I love Pinterest so very much? Yes/No? I'm a Pinterest spaz, right? Ya, I know! Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. It's because of all the super cute outfits that people pin and then I pin as a reminder to myself on how I can take more chances when clothes shopping and/or be more fun in putting together my outfits.

8. I came across these super cute bags today. Wouldn't they be great for pool/beach trips with the kiddos? Oh and look at these frames...I'm so in love with them and there is a giveaway going on over here.

9. I'm also thinking this print is a must addition to the boys' rooms. I think it's super!

10. I'm almost done with my gallery wall and I'm really loving it! I will show it to you next week!

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Anne Wallisch said...

Owen's "break dancing" routines are precious!