Monday, July 11, 2011

Laying Low.

We've had a busy start to the summer.
More specifically, we have had six weeks of jam-packed summer fun, sun, swimming, travel, cousins, grandparents, friends, trips, new experiences, dancing, boating and checking off our summer to-do's.
It's hard to believe that the summer is half over already (such a glass half empty statement).  
"Boo" to that!
Amidst all the fun, Jack hit his wall this past Saturday morning and has been down for the count ever since. I thought it was the pure exhaustion that brought him down, but it was Strep Throat. My poor little buddy has been looking like this for the past three days.
 He has not wanted to do anything but cuddle, sleep, lay on the couch and watch movies. So, that is just what his Momma ordered plus smoothies and popsicles prn (as needed).

In an effort to keep Owen healthy, we all laid low over the weekend. Pat was gone on a guys fishing trip to his cabin so I am very thankful I now live 20 minutes from my mom who came over to help, chat, drink wine (with me) and sleepover! Thanks Mom!
I think we are on the mend because today after a three hour nap, Jack had his energy back as the running and jumping around the house with his brother began.

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