Friday, July 8, 2011

Me and Jackers

We had a little date night, just the two of us, this week.
Jack was invited to join his cousins at the sneak peak/grand opening of the new penguin exhibit at the MN Zoo. I was lucky enough to be his date. We held hands, ate delicious mini-foods and desserts and watched the penguins eat fish and swim. What a nice date with my son!

Jack and his cousins wearing their ever appropriate penguin masks.

Jack was mesmerized watching the many penguins eat fish and swim (fast!) in their pool. I truly can't think of a time when we have been at this zoo when all the animals have not been napping during our visit?

The zoo also showed off their new bee exhibit/hands-on playroom.

To complete the night, Jackers let his Momma have a mini (5 pictures mini!) photo shoot with him.

I love my alone time with Jack. He talks to me, shares stories about his day (there happened to be fire alarm at his school that day and he told me all about it...unsolicited even!), asks tons of questions, holds my hand and overall is just very fun and pleasant to be with. He is already asking to have alone time again and I cannot wait!

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Anne Wallisch said...

I had a date night with my oldest son this week too..........only he happens to be 36 yrs old (Daddy of Ty & Frankie)! WOW, how fast they grow up!